PW127XT-M-Powered ATR Turboprops Receive EASA Certification


ATR has received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) type certificates for its ATR 72 and 42 regional turboprop aircraft outfitted with Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW127XT-M engine. Purpose-built for the ATR turboprops, the engine earned its Transport Canada type certification in August 2022 and was certified by EASA last September. The PW127XT-M is expected to provide 40 percent extended time on wing, 20 percent lower maintenance costs and a 3 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over previous-generation PW127-M engines.

“We designed the PW127XT-M for ATR 72/42 aircraft with the latest materials and technologies to offer improved time on wing and fuel efficiency,” said Edward Hoskin, Pratt & Whitney Canada vice president for engineering. “For example, we increased the capacity of both the low-pressure and high-pressure compressors, and we enhanced the efficiency of the power turbine. As well, we created a step change in all components cyclic lives supporting the improved time on wing and maintenance intervals.”

The PW127XT-M was introduced at the Dubai Airshow in November 2021. The engine is scheduled to enter service with launch customer Air Corsica before the end of the year. Pratt & Whitney announced last June that its next PW127 variant, the PW127XT-S, is in the works and will power the in-development Deutsche Aircraft D328eco.

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