Evektor Flies Electric LSA

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Evektor flew an electric-powered light sport aircraft for the first time last week, the company has announced. The airplane made two short flights from Kunovice Airport in the Czech Republic, and was powered by its electric motor for about 30 minutes. “I am glad that we are among the first companies in the world who have managed to realize the idea of electric-motor-powered sport aircraft on the level of a machine heading toward the serial production,” said Martin Drsticka, project manager. “I am convinced that the range of potential of electric-driven sport aircraft is very wide.” The electric airplane is a derivative of the SportStar RTC two-seat LSA, with a new trapezoidal wing with an extended span. The airplane will be on display at Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany, coming up April 24 to 27.

The EPOS (Electric POwered Small aircraft) is powered by a 50-kW Rotex RE X90-7 motor. Flight tests are continuing, the company said. The objective is to develop an aircraft that can be used for personal flying and also by flight schools for initial pilot training.