Poll: Does The World Need A New Basic Training Aircraft?


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  1. I am not so sure that the world needs another basic training aircraft. Just a cheaper one to fly. I started out in a 152 steam Guage. That worked just fine. Now what’s out there? A glass cockpit 172. Going for considerably more to fly.

  2. YES! The aviation world needs a truly BASIC TRAINER that teaches AIRMANSHIP and true FLYING SKILLS instead of how to push buttons and watch T.V. The recent story about United directing attention to hiring Military Pilots into airliner cockpits is a good example. Military-trained pilots into Civilian cockpits are like placing tuna-fish into fresh water…. they need extensive re-training. I know because that’s what I did for years…re-train military pilots to operate in the civilian world. An F16 pilot expects the airplane to handle x-winds automatically because he has no idea about Rudder control. An FA18 pilot has no idea of what a FMS is… He expects to find a TACAN in the panel. You can’t “eject” from your AirBus or Boeing and call teh 911 operator to see what happened to your airplane. And vice-versa, a Civilian pilot will be one of the FIRST to get Shot-Down in a shooting-war. We need to teach FLYING SKILLS instead of Automation-Dependency. A new 172 with steam gauges will do the trick.