Poll: The FAA Is Being Asked to Block Supersonic Aircraft for Environmental Reasons. Should it?



  1. I can’t believe I didn’t vote “No. More useless regulation.” However, I get mad enough at cars driving by our house all the time with their stereos blaring. I don’t want planes flying over blowing out our windows. If I can’t hear them, then I don’t care.

  2. Everything is bad for the environment. I think the worst is regulations like prohibiting supersonic flight. Instead, let’s identify what’s actually really bad, and regulate that. Otherwise, you are likely going to end up killing innovation and ultimately hurting the environment. Make a ground decibel limit? Maybe. Forbid booms that really hurt the environment? Okay. Speed limit for planes? Why? That’s just stupid.

  3. Much progress has been made in taming the sonic boom. By the time a new SST design is in the air the boom will likely not be a factor. Then the environmentalists (AKA “chemtrail” believers) will find other factors to concentrate on. People living in the Edwards AFB area, where sonic booms have been a fact of life for good-sized cities and populated areas for years, should be consulted for their experiences.

    • Absolutely on point comment, Mac H ! I lived in the Antelope Valley for 27 years and never had any major problem with the booms. So NASA is going to build and fly the X-59 over Texas to determine if the natives mind what they’re hearing. Why not just skip building that airplane and ask AV natives. With the money saved … they could figure out some other project to develop at taxpayer expense only to have it turned over to industry (sic).

  4. Environmentalists are ‘chemtrail believers’? That’s a pretty stupid thing to say — not to mention insulting. Also, we should assume that what’s good for people who choose to live near an AFB is good enough for everyone else? I grew up near NAS Fallon with constant sonic booms, so I know what it’s like. Include me in your ‘consultations’, please.

    I would imagine that sonic booms are not the only reason to ban or regulate SSTs; if memory serves, the Concorde was a significant contributor to air pollution.

    • If that was / is the case, why the heck are we spending any $$ or time developing a modern day SST ??? Actually, I don’t see any reason to do it unless there’s an underlying military reason for it all ??