Poll: Were You Vaccinated Against COVID-19?


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  1. Agreed, this is not a useful process. There have been billions of these given with adverse reaction monitoring. There are risks and these are well understood. It’s well proven to be much safer than COVID itself, to reduce risk of severe illness, and (especially with bivalent) to roughly double the antibody response that people have from having had COVID itself. I recommend sticking to aviation questions where there is value added.

  2. I’m inclined to agree with the other commenters’ sentiments that this is highly unscientific and fertile ground to inflame conspiracy thinking here. Based on the already 100+ comments on Paul B.’s other article, people love sharing their anecdotal experiences as though they can be extrapolated to the population. Yeah, the vaccine has known risks, which generally pale in comparison to the risk of the disease when considering a population-wide sample size. Anecdotes, half-truths and misinformation are spread far faster than the virus itself on social media.

  3. AVweb, you don’t need to run an unscientific poll. Information on vaccine reactions is all available via the CDC. This just gives the anti-vaxx trolls another platform to spread their conspiracy theories and disinformation.

  4. This poll is not really valid, as you are not screening the subjects, nor defining the categories accurately. It’s akin to a man-on-the-street query. Nonetheless, the results so far echo the real research: the vaccine produces it’s intended effects with rare instances of “side effects”.
    And, the query has produced the other non spoken objective: click bait!

  5. Agree with other comments and pretty sure (God forbid, don’t ever do it) the results would correlate exactly with “Do you believe in climate change?”. A more entertaining poll might be “Do you believe the earth is round?”. I’m sure you could come up with some interesting answer choices.

  6. So, if tomorrow a few people were injured by taking Tylenol, wouldn’t they stop everything and figure out what’s causing this? Why would I take a shot that has been proven to injure people, when I have a better chance of surviving without it. It is a known fact, look it up, most people that died were elderly, or had pre-existing conditions. Only a small mount of people, like less than 10% actually died of Covid. Many say that when they got Covid they survived it because of the shot. Well, for each one of those there are people like me who survived it TWICE without the shot.