Hopscotch Air Aims to “Right-Size” the Regional Airline Market


White Plains, NY, November 22, 2021—Hopscotch Air, Inc., a pioneering provider of small-airplane air taxi services in the Northeast U.S., plans to launch new commuter airline service to prominent Northeast destinations this spring.* The new service is designed to supplement the airline flights lost over the past two years.

“We’ve seen many regional airlines pull back on service as travel demands dropped. Some have gone out of business altogether. We’re uniquely positioned to step in by right-sizing this market because people still need to fly,” said Andrew Schmertz, CEO of Hopscotch Air.

The company intends to initially fly a new fleet of eight-seat turboprop aircraft to fulfill the demand, and has signed a letter of intent with Transcend Air Corporation to acquire the award-winning Vy 400 vertical take-off and landing aircraft to add non-airport routes when the Vy enters service. The company is also eager to adopt novel battery-electric aircraft as they come to market and prove economical.

Hopscotch Air will continue to grow its Cirrus-based business.

The origination and destination pairs have not yet been announced. However, flights will originate from New York-metro airports, including Hopscotch Air’s current base at Westchester County Airport.

Hopscotch Air is also looking at the North Carolina market for expansion.

Seabury Securities LLC has been advising Hopscotch Air on its commuter air plans.

About Hopscotch Air, Inc

Hopscotch Air, Inc, is an innovative air taxi operator, utilizing small, technologically-advanced Cirrus Aircraft to fly passengers throughout the northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Canada. Certificated in 2009, Hopscotch Air performs around fourteen-hundred flights per year at fares far below traditional charter prices. www.flyhopscotch.com