Prometheus Fuels to Supply Transcend Air with Zero Net Carbon Fuel for ART Service


BOSTON, MA, USA, October 4, 2021 / — Industry leader Prometheus Fuels will supply Transcend Air Corporation with its Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in an agreement announced today. Transcend’s Vy ART™ (Aerial Regional Transport) service will link over 40 U.S. city pairs from downtown to downtown, cutting door-to-door travel times by 67% – 85%, – and powered by Promethean Forged® jet fuel, cutting carbon emissions by 100%.

“We are extremely excited about partnering with Prometheus because it will provide us with zero net carbon operations, at an excellent price, opening an entirely new path to a sustainable future for aviation,” said Gregory Bruell, Co-Founder and CEO of Transcend Air.

Rob McGinnis, CEO of Prometheus, said, “VTOL aircraft have the potential to radically redefine urban transport. We look forward to supplying Transcend Air with our zero net carbon jet fuel so that this new and exciting era of increased mobility can be 100% carbon neutral.”

Bruell elaborated, “Our ART service will offer lower door-to-door costs than taking an airline, cut travel time by over two-thirds, provide a comfortable and accessible experience for all, and do it with zero carbon emissions on Prometheus SAF.”

[This announcement and other developments, including a new, more powerful General Electric engine and bespoke design options, were recently featured in the Robb Report.]

The vertical takeoff and landing capability of the Vy 400 aircraft gives Transcend Air access to demand-rich centers of major cities and frees air travelers from the hassles of having to use airports. The high-speed Vy 400 travels more than 400 miles per hour, making the journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 55 minutes.

“Population and economic growth have pushed all current city-to-city transport options into a state of chronic congestion. The Vy ART service will slot in seamlessly as a new piece of the puzzle, providing a sustainable relief valve into the future,” Bruell added.

Peter Schmidt, Co-Founder and COO of Transcend, explained, “The genius of the Prometheus approach is it takes wind and solar energy and delivers it to our aircraft in liquid form. This is by far the most efficient method of powering transportation, and it yields not only sustainable travel, but in both Vy ART use and in private use via Vy 400R, superior travel unachievable in any other way.”


Transcend Air was founded to unlock the heart of the city with its Vy ART regional VTOL air service that will free business travelers from congestion on the ground and in the air. Transcend has developed the Vy 400 as the best solution for city-center to city-center mobility, with door-to-door prices lower than current air travel options, and door-to-door times that are 67% to 80% less. With the award-winning Vy 400 and Reserved Edition Vy 400R, Transcend Air is finally realizing the VTOL promise.


Prometheus is a Silicon Valley energy startup that removes CO2 from the air and turns it into zero net carbon gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel that are superior to fossil fuels at a lower price. Learn more at: