Airlines Urge Boeing To Produce 797


Airlines are urging Boeing to move forward with the so-called “797,” an aircraft they say passengers will love. Officially designated the “new mid-market airplane” by Boeing, the 797 would offer “a big step forward in comfort,” according to a report in PerthNow, with a 2-3-2 configuration in economy, 1-2-2 in premium economy and 1-1-1 in business class, plus extra-large storage bins. Delta, United and Qantas all are eager to fly the 797, according to the report. With a range of about 5,200 NM, the jet would fill a gap between the popular 737 and the long-range 787, providing an opportunity for airlines to establish new routes. Boeing said there are 30,000 city pairs that are not connected and could potentially be served economically with the 797. If Boeing moves ahead with the program, deliveries could start by 2026.

Meanwhile, Boeing is making progress on a plan to create a new joint company with Embraer, according to a report in Monday’s Globe and Mail. Boeing is trying to work around the demands and concerns of the Brazilian government, which holds a stake in Embraer that gives it veto power over strategic decisions, according to the report. Boeing and Embraer had no comment, but last week, Brazilian Defense Minister Raul Jungmann told reporters that negotiations on the creation of a third company were advancing well. The proposed plan would boost Boeing’s position relative to Airbus in the global jet market, analysts say.