Amazon 767 Down Near Houston (Updated)


An Atlas Airlines Boeing 767 flying for Amazon Prime crashed just off the shore of Anahuac, Texas on Saturday and it’s presumed the three crew members died. Two bodies have been recovered. “It’s probably a crash that nobody would survive,” Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne told USA Today. The aircraft descended at about 6,000 feet per minute and reportedly dove into Trinity Bay, which is just north of Galveston Bay on the Gulf coast. The aircraft was on its way to from Miami to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when it went down.

Early reports said contact was lost with the aircraft when it was about 30 miles east of the airport. The crash scene was next to the shore and most of the wreckage ended up in a marsh. The aircraft disintegrated and the largest section was a 50-foot section of fuselage. The plan was loaded with Amazon packages and the scene was was littered with their contents. The NTSB is on the scene and the cockpit voice and flight data recorders have not yet been recovered.