Commuter Jet Landed On Infield


The NTSB says a United Express Embraer 145 that ended up off the runway at Presque Isle, Maine, in early March also started there. In its preliminary report, the board said the regional jet, with 31 people onboard, lined up between the runway and taxiway on its first aborted landing attempt. On the second try, the crew again aimed for the infield and the deep snow tore off some of the gear. Two passengers and one crew member were hurt in the rapid stop.

The mishap was originally described as a runway excursion but radar data showed otherwise. “Radar track data show that the airplane was aligned right of runway 1 during both approaches,” the prelim said. One of the gear legs ended up stuck in an engine and there was substantial damage to the fuselage and wings. The accident occurred during moderate snow at 11:43 a.m. March 4. The aircraft was on a scheduled flight from Newark.