Erickson To Manufacture Seeker Aircraft


Seeker Aircraft of Albuquerque, New Mexico, will manufacture its light observation aircraft in the U.S. to accommodate growing demand, the company announced Wednesday.Seeker‘sSB7L-360A and SB7L-360A2 aircraft have only been manufactured in Australia, where Seabird Aviation Australia operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Seeker Aircraft.Erickson Inc. of Portland, Oregon, will be the North American manufacturer. Erickson’s aviation services include manufacturing, engineering and maintenance for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

The Seeker, marketed as an economical fixed-wing surveillance aircraft with short-field capabilities, is used around the world for military, law enforcement and commercial purposes. “To ensure the quality of theSeeker’sconstruction meets the demands of its operators, we are very pleased to have a partner whose dedication to excellence assures us of producing a top quality aircraft,” Seeker Aircraft CEO David Pohlman said. The company’s expanding markets includeNorth, Central and South America as well as Europe and Africa.