RCAF Life Raft Lands In Woman’s Bed


Authorities in Canada and Florida are investigating after a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) helicopter’s emergency life raft fell through the roof of a house in Miami. A woman in the house was slightly injured when the 80-pound raft smashed through the roof and ceiling of the house onto the bed where she was sleeping about 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday. News footage shows a large hole in the roof of the house in northeast Miami.

There has so far been no explanation from the RCAF about how the raft came loose from the CH-146, a militarized Bell 412. The Canadians are in Florida on a search and rescue training mission because the weather is too cold in Canada to conduct the training. The aircraft was on its way back to its temporary base at Opa Locka when the incident occurred. The RCAF says its Directorate of Flight Safety is investigating and the injured woman is being looked after. The RCAF “intends to support the affected resident with immediate accommodationsand other support.”