Textron Confirms TTx Discontinued (Updated)


Textron Aviation has now confirmed that it has discontinued the TTx, the often renamed high-performance single it acquired 10 years ago. The company removed the sporty and well-equipped aircraft from the product line on its website a week ago and confirmed the end of the program Wednesday. “At Textron Aviation, we continuously monitor the market as it fluctuates and adjust our product offerings accordingly,” the company said in a statement. “Our strategy continues to focus on bringing new products to market and aligning business priorities with market demand. We remain dedicated to offering a modern product portfolio, ensuring our customers have access to the latest technology and supporting our existing customer base across all platforms.”

Cessna acquired the Columbia 400 program from Columbia Aircraft in 2007 as a foil for the rapidly expanding Cirrus Design. It renamed the aircraft the Cessna 400 and continued to build the aircraft in Bend, Oregon. In 2009, it closed the Bend plant but named the aircraft the Corvalis, after the neighboring town of Corvallis. The aircraft remained in limited production at Cessna’s Independence, Kansas, factory, but sales of the well-reviewed model have been weak. It sold 23 TTx models in 2017.