Trump TFR Airports Reimbursed


Financial relief is on the way for airport businesses affected by presidential TFRs near President Donald Trump’s two favorite vacation getaways. AOPA reports that tucked into the appropriations bill signed by Trump on Friday to avert another government shutdown was $3.5 million for New Jersey’s Solberg and Somerset airports and Florida’s Palm Beach County Park Airport, also known as Lantana, to make up for disruptions caused by his stays at his Bedminster, N.J., golf course and Mara Lago in Florida. Operators at those airports reported a total of almost a million dollars in lost revenue in 2017 because of the TFRs, AOPA said.

“AOPA has long been pushing for a solution for airports that have been negatively impacted by presidential TFRs where the president is in residence for an extended period of time,” AOPA said in its report. “This is something that needed to be done. Our team here at AOPA worked hard on this solution and believe it is a big win for those airports, businesses, and communities,” said AOPA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Jim Coon.