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Volocopter Starts Serial Production »

DG Flugzeugbau, a sailplane manufacturer in Germany, said recently it got an order to “manufacture a large number of Volocopters from Volocopter GmbH,” but nobody is saying exactly how many a “large number” is. A Volocopter spokesperson told AVweb, “Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you with more details than this,” and Flugzeubau did not respond to AVweb’s inquiry. More

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Universal Avionics Acquired... »

Elbit Systems, based in Haifa, Israel, has completed the acquisition of Universal Avionics Systems Corp., of Tucson, Arizona, for a price of about $120... More

Miami Condo Developer Adds... »

A developer in Miami has added a skyport to his high-rise luxury apartment building, anticipating a demand for VTOL flying taxis, according to the Miami... More

First Supersonic, Powered... »

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity, has completed its first supersonic, rocket-powered flight, the company announced last week. The aircraft was... More

Terrafugia Adds 125 Jobs »

Terrafugia, the Massachusetts-based “flying-car” company, said on Tuesday it has created 75 new jobs in the last year and plans to add 50 more by... More

Boeing, ERAU Partner To... »

Boeing’s HorizonX division, which supports new business ventures, is now a partner at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Research Park, ERAU... More

Piper: Latin American... »

Fresh from showing its M600 turboprop for the first time at Chile’s FIDAE exposition, Piper is touring the airplane throughout South America and seeing... More