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In Case You Thought Airline Flying Was Always Safe, Consider 1958 »

It was one of several years in which gory accidents forced changes in the system. Today's feature offers an entertaining summary. More

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Naples Airport Cleanup Begins »

The CEO of Naples Jet Center at Naples Airport in Florida told AVweb he and everyone else involved in the cleanup after Hurricane Irma are writing a new... More

Irma's Big Test: Will There... »

Irma stormed ashore at Naples, Florida, on Sunday. Reports of damage are mixed and could that mean we're getting pretty prepared for big storms? More

Eclipse EA700 First Flight »

One Aviation has announced the first flight of the wing that will hold up its EA700, known as the Eclipse Canada until recently. Details of the flight are... More

AOPA, NATA Battle Over FBO... »

Historical allies AOPA and the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) are now pitted against each other in an unusual battle over airport access,... More

ATC History »

Which came first: the chicken or the Federal Egg Administration? Impossible to say. Physics teaches us that when Bernoulli found lift, his nemesis, Newton,... More

NASA Considers Five X-Plane... »

NASA is now evaluating five proposed designs for an X-plane that will test new technologies that could help airliners to fly more quietly, burn less fuel and... More