FAA and Regs

Astro Launches Elroy eVTOL »

Yet another eVTOL company has announced it is in flight trials with the intention of upending the urban transportation market and Astro Aerospace, of Dallas, isn’t shy about the Jetson analogies. More

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How Not To Handprop An SR22 »

Scattered among accident reports is the occasional hand prop attempt that goes wrong but not many concern high-performance aircraft. The accompanying video... More

Top Letters And Comments,... »

This week's letters brought comments from readers about FAA medicals, flying without a license, and sustainable biofuel. More

Final LAANC Installment... »

The last piece of the FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) system, which allows “near real-time processing of... More

Timeline Tight For FAA... »

It seems likely legislators will miss a Sept. 30 deadline to pass an FAA reauthorization bill but they may not require yet another short-term extension. The... More

Crash Pilot Had Certificate... »

A man whose pilot certificate was revoked 21 years ago for lying on his medical application was the presumed pilot of a Cessna 335 high performance twin that... More

Pilot Beard Ban Debunked »

Canadian researchers say they have debunked the long-held belief that facial hair interferes with the seal on pilot oxygen masks and at least one airline has... More