FAA and Regs

Vegas Tower Controller Incapacitated »

The FAA has increased controller staffing at Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport tower after the only controller on duty late Wednesday apparently became incapacitated at her position. Confused pilots on the ground stopped where they were for about eight minutes and talked among themselves about the issues in the tower before a second controller returned from a break and took over. More

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DOT Audits FAA Role In... »

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Inspector General has announced that it will be conducting an audit of the FAA’s role in... More

Delta Exec Eyed As FAA... »

The Wall Street Journal says retired Delta Air Lines VP and former pilot Steve Dickson is the new favorite to become the next FAA administrator. More

Terrorism By Homebuilt? »

Canadian prosecutors want the book thrown at a Quebec pilot whose beef against a utility company turned into what some suggested was an act of domestic... More

FAA Relaxes Examiner... »

The FAA has issued a notice removing several regulatory restrictions identified as major contributors to increasingly long wait times for pilot practical... More

Firm Files Second FAA... »

A law firm has filed a second class-action suit against the FAA based on the agency’s air traffic controller hiring practices in 2014. The lawsuit... More

GAO Investigates FBO Pricing »

The Government Accountability Office has bitten on AOPA’s two-year-long campaign to end what it says is gouging by FBOs at some airports. More