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Industry Round-up, May 17, 2019

AVwebs weekly news roundup found reports on an STC for a King Air autothrottle, FAA-PMA approval for Nicrocraft Cirrus SR22 heat exchanger and muffler, discounts for certain FlightSimExpo attendees and a simulator sponsorship for US Aviation Academy. It also uncovered announcements of a new owner for Ft. Langley Air, a sales director appointment at DAES, a partnership to build sustainable landing spots and new flight playback software at Ryanair.

Times Up On FAA ADS-B Rebate

If youve been waiting to place your reservation for the FAAs $500 rebate to install ADS-B Out avionics, well … youve waited too long. The FAA announced on Monday that it had taken the last of the 20,000 reservations begun in September 2016.

Flight Trial: Aspen Evolution MAX

With brighter screens, faster processors, larger fonts and a variety of other enhancements, the Aspen Evolution MAX PFD and MFD product line competes in a crowded market of retrofit flight displays. Still,...

A Hanger By Any Other Name

Before you reach for the comment button to autocorrect a perceived misspelling, consider the existential reason we should fight to keep our aircraft protected from the damaging effects of reality.

John Wayne Airport To Get Improved GA Facilities

Although local residents continue to object, officials at John Wayne-Orange County Airport in Southern California have recommended a project to add a third FBO to the facility as well as upgrade its decades-old GA infrastructure. County officials heard local feedback on May 7 and agreed to return in two weeks to vote on a final set of proposals to update KSNAs GA infrastructure.

Garmin Autopilot Approved For Mooney, Bonanza Models

Garmin has announced that it has received FAA Supplemental Type Certification for its GFC 500 autopilot for several Mooney M20 and 36/A36 Bonanza models. Specific aircraft approved include Mooney M20 J, K, M, R and S models and Bonanza models 36, A36 and A36TC.

Stainless Steel Straws And Airplanes

Metal straws are just a green-washing nod to environmentalism. Are electric airplanes the aviation equivalent? Not quite.

FAA 20-Year Forecast: GA Stable, Airlines Up, Drones Way Up

The Federal Aviation Administration has dusted off its FAA-approved crystal ball and published the FAA Aerospace Forecast for 2019-2039. The extensive report takes into account global economic factors in the recent past to project demand for aircraft, pilots and facilities over the next two decades.

FAA: Special Bulletin Stops Short Of AD On Lycoming Cylinders

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) on May 2 in which it reiterated issues with Lycoming cylinders shipped between September 1, 2013, and April 30, 2015, but the agency has declined to issue an Airworthiness Directive to enforce replacement of these cylinders. The suspect cylinders were the subject of a Mandatory Service Bulletin (MSB) in October 2018.

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