Garmin G5 Certified as Replacement for Directional Gyro

Garmin G5 Certified as Replacement for Directional Gyro »

Garmin has received Supplemental Type Certificate approval for use of the G5 flight instrument in the heading indicator position for over 600 aircraft types when installed with a Garmin magnetometer. “Furthering our commitment to bring affordable, safety-enhancing and certified solutions to general aviation, the G5 electronic flight instrument that was initially developed for experimental aircraft, may now be used to replace a DG or HSI in certificated aircraft and represents another industry-first by Garmin,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing.


FO Dies After In-Flight Incapacitation

FO Dies After In-Flight Incapacitation »

CNN reported late Wednesday that a first officer aboard an American Airlines Boeing 737-800 became “incapacitated” while the aircraft was on a two-mile final and later died after the captain landed the aircraft in Albuquerque.


Inhofe Introduces ‘Fairness for Pilots Act’

Inhofe Introduces ‘Fairness for Pilots Act’ »

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) introduced S.755 (the Fairness for Pilots Act) on Wednesday, which, if signed into law, would offer an additional level of appeals for pilots facing enforcement actions. Under existing law, pilots facing loss or suspension of their certificates due to “significantly unsafe” violations of FAA regulations may appeal to an NTSB administrative law judge and, if unsatisfied, appeal again to the NTSB’s full board. Further appeal to a federal judge is limited to legal error on the part of the NTSB—there is no new finding of fact.


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