EBACE 2022: ForeFlight Penetrates Deeper Into Business Aviation


Proving that ForeFlight is as accepted for business aviation applications as it is in the general aviation market, ForeFlight’s parent company Boeing announced at EBACE 2022 that it has inked deals with three major European operators who will toss their current flight planning systems and transition to ForeFlight’s Dispatch integrated flight planning and EFB solutions.

Luxaviation, Comlux and Gama Aviation will use the cloud-native integrated solution across their entire fleets to replace their existing flight planning and inflight EFB suites. As we reported in the video below from the NBAA convention in Las Vegas last October, ForeFlight Dispatch is a next-gen flight planning and runway performance/analysis application that connects to the ForeFlight Mobile app. In part, the program transmits new flight plans to crew members in a matter of seconds and includes detailed briefing documents—from basic domestic to complex international trips.

Image: ForeFlight

In addition to integrating Jeppesen charts, ForeFlight Dispatch produces optimized Eurocontrol-valid routes, which is intended to curtail and simplify both flight crew and dispatcher flight planning chores because it syncs the data in real time. ForeFlight’s solution is the first in the market to integrate a flight planning product (including Runway Analysis for takeoff and landing performance calculations, plus the Fuel Advisor utility for cost-optimized fuel planning).

By nature of the program’s familiarity among flight crews, Robert Fisch, chief aviation officer of Luxaviation, pointed out that it should be an easy transition. “While many of our pilots have used the ForeFlight Mobile app for their personal flying since the beginning, there’s no question that this integrated solution can support professional flight operations globally,” Fisch said.  

Adopting this product ecosystem purpose-built for business aviation will allow Luxaviation to benefit from consolidation of both costs and products, replacing their previous digital solutions from multiple vendors with a tightly integrated set of products from a single vendor.

Luxaviation is among other inaugural European-based customers joining ForeFlight’s Development Partnership Program, an initiative that gives select customers the opportunity to collaborate on future innovations in flight operations software under development at ForeFlight. Over at Gama Aviation, in addition to adopting ForeFlight Dispatch, Gama has Type B approval for the use of ForeFlight and is working towards completely paperless operations.

Larry Anglisano
Larry Anglisano is a regular AVweb contributor and the Editor in Chief of sister publication Aviation Consumer magazine. He's an active land, sea and glider pilot, and has over 30 years experience as an avionics tech.

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  1. 10 + years ago, I found out about Foreflight during a safety seminar. As they were showing it, I noticed it was on an Apple platform. I asked them if they were going to also put it on a Windows / Android application. They replied that they were thinking about that, but since they were in the early stages, wanted to concentrate on Apple. In 2019 I went to another safety meeting with Foreflight present, and I brought up the issue again. Are you ever going to come out with an Android / Windows platform for Foreflight? This time I was finally told the truth. NO. Sorry. I for one don’t use, and won’t use, Apple or their products. I can and have used other Android based GPS and navigation devises without issue, and will continue to do so. Especially after I have heard about how Foreflight likes to jack up the subscription services prices……