Dog Charter Draws Fire From Environmentalists


With the accompanying howls of protest from environmental groups, U.K. charter company K9 Jets announced the addition of service between Dubai and Farnborough exclusively for dogs and their supervising human. For about $10,000, a customer sits in comfort sipping champagne alongside their canine cohort in a Gulfstream IV-SP. “K9 Jets believes pet family members deserve to travel in comfort and style alongside their owners,” co-founder Alan Golder told AeroTime Hub. The company has been flying the dogs for a few years and has regular flights to and from New Jersey, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Paris and Lisbon.

The British environmental group Extinction Rebellion oddly enough found something positive in the news. “This is clear evidence that super-wealthy people are still capable of loving an animal like one of their own, which strangely offers me some sense of hope,” said spokesman Todd Smith. “Yet I’m left dumbfounded that the same people cannot connect to the collapsing natural world around them, and thus come to their senses.”

Russ Niles
Russ Niles is Editor-in-Chief of AVweb. He has been a pilot for 30 years and joined AVweb 22 years ago. He and his wife Marni live in southern British Columbia where they also operate a small winery.

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  1. True, rich people should come to their senses. Same senses displayed by his people when they glue themselves to runways and roads, break through security fences, destroy private property or works of art and disrupt normal people’s lives.

    • So, what law says the glued person has to be freed from his or her glue in any hurry? Just place some traffic cones around ’em and use the other side of the runway for takeoff or landing? Put up ‘do not cross’ police tape to discourage anyone from bothering them.

  2. If they came to their senses, they would realize that others fly in those same aircraft. And said others might just have allergies to animals. Including the pilots and crew. Leave the animals at home.

  3. The pax flying in those aircraft know full well in advance of any flight they have ticked themselves on board, that dogs and or cats or other domestic pets that K-9 ☆ Jets have carried on board.
    I am most certain that any ” allergy laden ” individual[s] would most certainly consider that fact before billeting themselves on board.
    The very name itself of this charter outfit explains and connotes that fact.

    Point moot.

    • Agree with you. I am fed up with anything being stopped or restricted on the off chance that SOMEONE might have a health concern or dislike about the activity. There are MANY flying options available, so complainers, find one. Maybe someone should start Gluten Free Airlines.

  4. This would be a great war to sit back with a brew and watch. The environmentalist vs. PETA. Wow, now that would be exciting.

  5. Despite the gaslighting, this charter biz is not serving the dogs. The dog owners get to sip champagne, but the dogs don’t get to ride with their heads out the windows? Rise up, dogs! Oh, the inequity.

  6. I asked my dog which he’d prefer, Gulfstream or crate in the hold of a commercial airliner. He told me it was a “no brainer, duh!” and promptly reminded me to take him for a walk because he was so excited!

  7. I’d say, “none of your business you jealous environmentalists” to those sticking their noses into other people’s business. Then, I’d say, “hypocrisy at its finest” to the fat cats who do this sort of thing one day and then often moan about climate change the next in Davos. A true dichotomy!

    Mind your own business and let the next guy mind his. The End.

  8. “With the accompanying howls…”

    Whiners gonna whine.

    Dear looser “environmentalists” with your disposable Apple phones, disposable latte’ and disposable life style, go get a real job.

  9. Sending one’s pet on a private aircraft, while not common, is also not a rarity when one has more disposable income than they know what to do with. The eccentricities within each of us truly come to light when one has the wherewithal to act upon them. Having been employed in the private aircraft world for the past 17 years, I, like all of us who fly richy-rich around, have quite the collection of head-shaking stories we could tell.

  10. So the only way I’m ever going to ride in a G-IV is if I’m caring for some rich person’s dog? Where do I sign up?

    • Could I ask why you want a ride in a Gulfstream? Certainly, if I have to go somewhere I’d rather a G than a B. Still I’d rather fly myself. Frankly the back of any passenger jet is a penalty box in my opinion. Put a comfortable chair in the back of a C17 and there’s hardly any difference.

      The real value add to private aircraft is the private, not the aircraft. It’s only worth it to save time unless your utility for money or desire for status are really unusual.

  11. It’s gratifying to see that the large chunk of Class G airspace grabbed by Farnborough is being put to good use