Dynon Aims To Remove Installation Angst For Homebuilders


Aircraft homebuilders have traditionally faced a choice—either they studied and researched fast-moving avionics technology and became proficient in locating and connecting complex components; outsourced that expertise; or deferred on the wonders of modern computer-based avionics systems and settled for old-school, hand-me-down VFR panels.

With its roots firmly planted in the experimental aircraft movement, Woodinville, Washington-based Dynon has enabled a step forward for homebuilders and light-sport aircraft operators with its newly announced FastTrack line of installation offerings. And with the growing trend toward enabling such products for certified aircraft as well, it can be hoped that FastTrack might someday become more broadly available.

When it comes to locating, integrating and installing Dynon’s sophisticated glass-panel products, the new program shows the way for builders. “FastTrack dramatically simplifies these tasks,” according to Dynon, with “new module mounting tray kits, trays, and brackets specifically designed to receive SkyView modules and mount SkyView displays.” The FastTrack product line also incorporates electrical harnesses and cables that are already available to Dynon SkyView customers.

Michael Schofield, Dynon director of marketing, said, “For builders that want to take to the sky as fast as possible, the flagship FastTrack Essentials packages include modules, brackets, and network cables already pre-assembled and connected, ready to rivet to the panel. With FastTrack, SkyView HDX puts Dynon even further ahead as the easiest to install avionics system available.”

List prices for FastTrack Essentials packages are $1,995 for the VFR edition and $2,565 for the IFR edition.

Mark Phelps
Mark Phelps is a senior editor at AVweb. He is an instrument rated private pilot and former owner of a Grumman American AA1B and a V-tail Bonanza.

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