FAA Pushes Out Deadline For MOSAIC Comments To Jan. 22, 2024


The FAA has extended the comment period on the Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (aka MOSAIC) notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) another 90 days. Originally scheduled to close on Oct. 23, comments may now be submitted up to Jan. 22, 2024, according to a statement from the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) posted today (Oct. 4).

The AEA was joined by seven other trade advocacy groups in requesting the extension. They are the Aeronautical Repair Station Association, Aviation Suppliers Association, Aviation Technician Education Council, Helicopter Association International, International Air Response Inc., Modification and Replacement Parts Association and the National Air Transportation Association. The stated purpose of the MOSAIC proposal is to expand the range of aircraft eligible for certification as light sport aircraft, as well as expanding the authority and opportunity for sport pilots.

AEA asserts there has been insufficient discussion on amendments to nine separate regulations, “including definitions, certification standards, maintenance standards, airman certification, operating rules and the certification of commercial operators.” The association wrote that it “continues to review the proposal to identify those elements that may affect AEA member companies and employees while focusing on inconsistencies, duplications and unintended consequences.”

AEA’s examination of the NPRM focuses on four areas: continued operational safety, limitations on modernization and upgrades to LSA, personnel and repetitive rulemaking.

Mark Phelps
Mark Phelps is a senior editor at AVweb. He is an instrument rated private pilot and former owner of a Grumman American AA1B and a V-tail Bonanza.

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  1. I am so damn sick of these selfish greedy profit-driven sumbitches like this latest Gang of Seven and lobbyists Dan Johnson and Roy Beisswenger before them refusing to let a simple weight/speed/seat increase go through to benefit 99% of sport pilots UNTIL their esoteric niche demands for commercial applications are met.
    FAA: please approve the 54 knot Vs1 and 250 knot Vh and four seat (2 empty) changes IMMEDIATELY while those who could benefit are still alive and postpone action on the rest of MOSAIC (affecting only a tiny fraction of aircraft owners and pilots) until every last hyena is heard.
    Thank you.

    • I have seen disparaging comments about aviation groups and media before whether it be ALPA, ConsumerAviation, Flying Magazine, ANN, and even AvWeb, and sometimes these remarks are rightfully deserved, but (most) are short term issues that fade with time. However, to lump Dan Johnson into a group you have described as “ selfish greedy profit-driven sumbitches “ made me actually smile ( years ago I would have been angry, but now I like to think I have grown wiser with age and experience). Dan has been involved in aviation for over 40 years and is one of the greatest proponents of it I have known, especially for the little guy and those with thin checkbooks. I first learned about Dan about 20 years ago, was able to say hi and have passing discussions for the last 10 years, and for the last 3 or 4 years consider Dan and his wife Randee friends ( hope they feel the same!). In that time I have never once heard a disparaging comment about Dan (well, till now). If we ever had a difference of opinion his explanation for his stance was well thought out, included the pro’s and con’s, and often included technical or other information that I was not aware of. He also has the knowledge and experience, and foresight, to look at an issue and see what long term effects it may have, and why that may sway his position on a subject. They say that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. I think in GA that is mostly true, but most of the folks I know in it, work hard just to eek out a decent living, and Dan is no exception. Selfish? I’ll chalk that up to your ignorance of not knowing the man. Greedy? Wanting more than he deserves or has worked for, yah, not seeing it. Profit driven? Hmmm, guess you are not a very Wise Oldman if you run your affairs at a loss. I encourage you if you do not agree with Dan’s position on MOSAIC, to find out why he is thinking like that, and share your thoughts with him also. Perhaps you will sway each other’s opinions, perhaps not, but intelligent, informed dialogue is always better than ( in my opinion) undeserved derogatory diatribes.

      • Putting your personal interests [here a potential bonu$ from being a LAMA lobbyist who pushes complex SP expansion into commercial flying] ahead of the entire fraternity of sport pilots [seeking simple increases in MTOW via higher Vs1 and Vh so they don’t have to sell their beloved long-owned 172s, 182s, Citabrias and Cherokees] when you could have let that happen first and then pushed for the rest IS both selfish AND despicable ESPECIALLY when you realize lots of these owners won’t live to see the now avoidably postponed implementation of the more comprehensive change benefiting only the advocates and a tiny sliver of the pilot population.

    • I’ll say it AGAIN … “The FAA … making simple s*&t hard since 1958.” Their lawyers could make going to the bathroom a 25-page Advisory Circular and take years to write it, too.

      Just overnight, I watched the confirmation hearing for the new Administrator, Michael Whittaker, on C-SPAN. One of the Senators admonished the FAA for being seriously late in responding to Congressionally mandated action item dates. Whittaker said they do better (sic). The Senator said the average was nearly two years late … can you imagine if ‘we’ did that to the FAA !!

  2. How much time and money would the FAA have saved if they had simply passed a ruling that stated “No medical needed for the private and instrument certificate and rating?” Would GA safety have been impacted any more than it already has with BasicMed? I doubt it. The data seems to indicate that health isn’t the issue. However, such a ruling would have been too simple and government entities are incapable of ‘simple.’

    We self-certify every time we fly. If I don’t feel well, I don’t fly. If I’m stressed, I don’t fly. If I can’t devote myself completely to the flight, I don’t fly. There will always be goobers who do unwise things and no amount of rule-making will fix that situation. There will always be a few individuals who have health issues that are not evident or diagnosed through a medical and they may (or may not) have unanticipated health problems during a flight.

    Let’s get on with it… I’m growing older by the minute and I’d like to see this rule in effect before my children start thinking about putting me in assisted living.