Ten Survive Fiery Citation Rejected Takeoff


Ten people—two pilots and eight passengers—survived a fiery runway overrun in Oroville, California, Wednesday morning local time. The aircraft, a Cessna Citation, was taking off from Oroville for a flight to Portland, Oregon.

The Citation had just taken on fuel at Oroville and evidently overran the runway on takeoff. Both main gear legs appear to have collapsed and the aircraft caught fire shortly after it came to rest.

“They were out of the plane quickly,” Rick Carhart, a spokesman the CalFire/Butte County Fire Department said after the accident. Although crews responded quickly, the aircraft was fully involved in flames by the time crews attempted to extinguish it. Post-accident photos revealed that the aircraft was destroyed by the fire and nearby Highway 162 was closed briefly.

Credit: Chico Enterprise-Record

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  1. Another online aviation news source stated that shortly after the accident, a NOTAM was issued halting availability of Jet-A fuel at the airport until September 6. So, possibly a fuel contamination issue (i.e. DEF mistaken for PRIST)??? Just speculation on my part until more facts are known.

  2. John N., I had wondered the same thing. Plus, the news reports gave the impression that the plane was burning as the passengers scrambled to escape. In the video above it appears that the passengers had already departed well before the fire began to consume the airframe and that someone was attempting to extinguish the burning grass in the meantime. Most of what you see for almost a full minute is burning grass and not the plane.