FAA Issues AD For Aspen Evolution 2000 MAX, 2500 MAX Systems


The FAA has issued a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Aspen Avionics Evolution flight display systems due to an “automatic reset occurring when the display internal monitor detects a potential fault, causing intermittent loss of airspeed, attitude, and altitude information during flight.” The AD restricts operation with these systems to day VFR flight. The directive applies to Aspen Evolution 2000 MAX and Evolution 2500 MAX systems running software version 2.10 or 2.10.1 in aircraft where independent attitude, altitude, and airspeed backup instruments have not been not installed.

“The FAA approved software v2.10.2 in March 2020 addressing the infrequent but potential reset issue of Evolution MAX series displays and we have successfully implemented this software change for affected customers,” Aspen said. “These design changes are defined in the 900-00003-001, Revision CC, EFD1000, and EFD500 Software Version 2.X installation manual, dated March 2020.”

The AD does not apply to MAX displays that have been updated to software version 2.10.2 or any legacy Aspen Avionics displays. 35 instances of display systems automatically resetting have been reported. The AD goes into effect on Aug. 17, 2020, and is open for public comment until Sept. 14, 2020.

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