Survey: Avionics Satisfaction


The editors of AVweb sister publications KITPLANES and Aviation Consumer are conducting an avionics satisfaction survey for an upcoming market report. We want to know about your recent (within the past two years) experience with specific brands, the support behind them, the installation and anything else you’d like other consumers to know.

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  1. I installed an Aspen E5. I like it a lot, but GA avionics need to change their attitude orientation convention to a ‘sky pointer’ format as used in large aircraft. IMO it is much more intuitive.

  2. My Garmin G5 bank angle is default set to ground pointer. Fortunately, in attitude configuration settings you can change to sky pointer, which I did. Super cool : )
    After 1 year using uAvionix AV-30-E the LCD panel starts to fade out. The baro pressure kept skipping values. You come back to reset it and the numbers keep skipping back and forth. So annoying. I updated the software in hopes to resolve the baro problem it got worst and then the OAT display stop working. Customer service did not help. uAvionix echoUAT & EXT-FYX GPS ADS-B started to fail after 4 months of use. Became intermittent on ADS-B out signal. Tower often calls me to “ident”. I started to follow through with the Public ADS-B Performance Report Request and surely I could see many parameters of my ADS-B out missing or failing. after months struggling with “customer service” I gave up and replaced everything uAvionix for Garmin. Guess what? the G 5 is now cheaper than the AV-30! LOL
    Installed the Garmin DGL-82 with GA35 WAAS GPS ANTENNA and the G5.
    Easy installations. No issues whatsoever. From now on, just Garmin avionics on my plane : )