Top Letters And Comments, April 7, 2023


House Proposes Enabling 529 Funds For Aviation Career Education Options

I’m a strong proponent of apprenticeship programs. It’s time we recognize that all careers don’t require a four year degree. Unfortunately our education system is a self perpetuating profit center in which the refrain often is “Without a college degree, how will you succeed?”

I’m the product of an airline apprenticeship in aviation maintenance on heavy jets. Four years later with some additional college courses pertinent to my apprenticeship, I became a journeyman mechanic with an A+P license. Being around Boeing aircraft and P+W engines ignited my desire to fly them and the earnings as a mechanic allowed me enough money for flight lessons. The purchase of a C-140 let me gain more flight experience which consequently was of great value while in flight training with the Army. A tour in Vietnam with over 1000 hrs logged flight time allowed me to skip the flight instructor routine despite being instructor qualified in fixed and rotor wing aircraft. Again, no college during this progression which was then followed by a Flight Engineer and ATP rating. Several more years of utility, freight dog, corporate and National Guard flying led me closer to the goal.

Eventually I was rehired as a pilot following my absence by the same company that I started as an apprentice with. My dream finally realized after dogged pursuit of this goal and years later retired from the left seat at this major airline. Learning is a process that should never stop and a college degree does not guarantee that.

Hans M.

Accident Probe: Carb Ice In Cruise

I had this happen to me while in cruise in Florida. Luckily I immediately applied carb heat. I was planning on an emergency landing. After losing about half my altitude I regained normal engine functioning. It’s no joke – if you suspect carb ice get that carb heat on ASAP!

David I.

I have also had confirmed cruise-power carb icing – twice on the same flight. The irony being that I had just given a week before a presentation on handling in-flight emergencies. It took several minutes (yes, minutes) for the ice to be melted completely and return to full power once I applied carb heat. After it melted, I took carb heat off and a few minutes later I started losing power again, so I applied full heat and left it on for the rest of the flight. And this was in a Piper Cherokee, which is not known to be particularly susceptible to carb icing.

Gary B.

The airplane I fly has carb temp displayed full time. I always apply enough carb heat to maintain the temperature at 45F or above. I believe having carb temp instrumented is vital to safely operating any carburetor equipped airplane.

Tim A.

Poll: How Would You Rate Sun ‘n Fun 2023?

  • It was my first. The event was fun but the arrival Wednesday was the craziest thing I’ve ever flown-and I’ve been to OSH 5 times in the past 7 years flying 100+ hours a year. The controllers were professional but I was disappointed in my fellow pilots who couldn’t follow a course or hold an altitude.
  • Attendance was down but the attendees were ready to buy!
  • Not being able to use a cell phone is a no go for me.
  • First time visitor. I think it was wonderful, fantastic.
  • They have abandoned Experimental airplanes. It is a great disappointment to me and I will likely never go again.
  • Did not see it but MISS it GREATLY.
  • Cellular service was terrible, elderly in-laws at home and business were unable to contact me. Will not attend in future.
  • It was the first time for me and one of those things in life you will not forget.
  • Stop burning fuel for firebombs. Hurts the keys, stinks, and covered my plane with black dust.
  • Not happy with the no cooler rule instituted for this year.
  • Spectacular. I didn’t go.

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