Short Final: Banking


If you are interested in becoming a banker (BANKR) or perhaps a finance controller (CONTR) (not be confused with an ATC controller), a much cheaper alternative to a Harvard MBA is to head to Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (KCLT) in Charlotte, North Carolina on the BANKR TWO ARRIVAL. Along the way, you will learn about DEBBTs and CRDETs, as well as, BLNCE sheets and CHKNG accounts.

However, if you decide to go to the dark side, there is the option of becoming a bank robber (ROBRR) and if you need additional cash for the upcoming engine overhaul, an old fashioned STKUP is always an alternative. Or even going as far as setting up a PONZE scheme to buy a new Piper M600.

Luca Bencini‑Tibo

Weston, FL

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