Short Final: In The Pattern


Nashua Airport (KASH) was a madhouse. The pattern was stretched out, and filled with student airplanes. Folks were getting messages like, “You are number 5 for the field.” I was number 1 for departure and told that tower that I was ready when they could take me.

The tower was apologetic. “I’ll get you out when I can.”

With ADS-B, I could watch the action unfold, and saw no openings. Finally, there was a break.

Tower: “Skylane 33Y, will you be staying in the pattern?”

33Y: “No way!”

The tower keyed his mike. I could hear guffaws in the background. He paused for a moment.

Tower: “That’s the most sensible thing I’ve heard all day.”

Stephen Mayotte

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  1. I guess you weren’t around when Daniel Webster College was flying – 5 airplanes in the pattern was a lull in the action. The downwind for 32 used to get extended out enough where we had to watch for the LWM class D.

    • I was flying out of there in 1974 – 1976 when there wasn’t an active control tower. I attended New England Aeronautical Institute co-located on the DWC campus and got my PPL there in December ’74. Simpler times.

      I flew out of LWM too while I continued college at Lowell because the FBO offered free checkouts in their Cherokee Warrior.