Short Final: Landing Hot


B18 – Alton Bay, New Hampshire: the only ice runway in the lower 48 with an FAA identifier when the ice is thick enough.

The turbulence in the lee of the ridge was a bit rough. My passenger was a friend who is blind. I warned him that it “might be a bit of a hot landing.”

He braced himself and I promptly greased it. Really greased it. I mean a once-in-a-lifetime no-idea-the-plane-landed greaser. As we rolled out and the prop was windmilling, my passenger asked “Are we down?”

I confirmed we were. He relaxed. “Oh good. Last time I was told the landing might be hot, I was jumping out of a Huey in ‘Nam…”

Graeme J.W. Smith

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  1. You were lucky to have a witness to your perfect landing! Usually line judges are only available for bounces.

  2. Did one of those. Interestingly it was early in my instruction in a PA 28, while attempting a no flaps landing. My instructor looked at me and said the same thing. Unfortunately he is no longer with us so you only have my word.

    • Yeah. ‘Dump the flaps ! ‘ comes to mind ; lower flaps to full ?…… raise ‘em to zero ? Best not to use informal phraseology with low time students , they may misunderstand it at an inconvenient moment!