Short Final: Visitor Parking


Arriving at 3B0 – Southbridge for breakfast at the new diner, I discovered the crosswind was gusting a touch more that I had hoped. Ready to go to my alternate, I managed to get down without making a complete klutz of it and kept the little wheel at the back while VERY slowly taxying in in the gusts. I approached the parking spots in front of the diner—mindful of the peanut gallery.

As the wind continued to gust, I flew her all the way to the tiedown and eased into a spot. As I did, I noticed the words “FLIGHT SCHOOL” across the front of the yellow “T.” Muttering to myself, I eased forward and flew her on the ground carefully around the parking again and into the next slot over which I now saw was labeled “VISITOR.”

As I set the brakes and as I was about to flick the avionics switch off someone on the CTAF clicked:

“Never seen anyone go around in the parking before.”

Graeme Smith

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  1. I soloed at 3BO back in the days of the old diner but had I been there I would not have critiqued a tail dragger is more challenging than a nose wheel in gusty conditions.