Martha King Scholarship Winner Announced


King Schools has announced that Sarah Tamar has been awarded this year’s Women in Aviation, International (WAI)/Martha R. King Scholarship for Female Flight Instructors. Tamar, who flies amphibious Cessna Caravans for New York seaplane service Tailwind, currently holds certificates and ratings including private pilot, instrument, seaplane and commercial. Citing experiences with her own flight instructors and talking to children at a local WAI “Girls Can Fly” event as sources of inspiration to teach, she plans to use the scholarship to pursue her CFI.

“When Martha King told me I was the recipient of the scholarship, I was almost speechless. And then ecstatic, and above all filled with gratitude,” Tamar said. “I have been exceedingly blessed by people who have helped me along the way, and I want to pay it forward. I want to be able to give back to this beautiful industry in every way I can.”

The WAI/Martha R. King Scholarship includes a $5,000 stipend along with free, lifetime access to the King Schools online course library, which currently includes more than 85 courses valued at $13,120. The scholarship is open to women holding a current FAA commercial certificate with an instrument rating or an ATP certificate who are looking to earn an initial flight instructor certificate or a new rating on a flight instructor certificate. King Schools donates the scholarship annually on co-founder Martha King’s behalf.

Kate O'Connor
Kate O’Connor works as AVweb's Editor-in-Chief. She is a private pilot, certificated aircraft dispatcher, and graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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  1. Sarah Tamar was featured on a favorite podcast, On the Step with That Mallard Guy, episode #22. I’m so glad she is the recipient of the Martha R. King Scholarship, and that she has been an advocate for women in aviation.