Interview: 40 Years Of RANS Aircraft


Veteran aircraft builder Randy Schlitter will concede there may be as many as 150 small aircraft manufacturers around the world, but not many are as prolific or creative as he has been in 50 years of running a company and 40 building airplanes. In this interview with AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli, Randy explains how the company has evolved and guesses where the industry is going.

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  1. A solid company with great designs, been flying them for the last 24 years, 2 different S-7S, the poor man’s Carbon Cub, and it can go places a CC can’t, or at least won’t!

  2. Good interview. The discussion provides insights into the rewards and challenges of “being in business by yourself.” Randy leaves a positive impression. One key takeaway is that I would be inclined to buy Randy’s product at any time.

  3. A good interview with a person who is quite honest and straightforward about the state of the industry at this time, and one that places quality above speed in his own business. I also appreciate the positive comments he made about you, Paul. Not to wander off topic, but I am quite concerned about your future with the sudden acquisition of Belvoir by Flying Magazine. Your no-nonsense approach to your articles and a refusal to sugar-coat a less than impressive product may not play well with their saccharin and shallow approach to all things. I did find it rather telling that they terminated the comments on the article announcing the acquisition after only a few negative comments from former Flying Magazine subscribers, of which I am one. Sounds like Craig Fuller might have a rather thin skin.