Trig’s Expanded Line At Aero 2023


Although Garmin dominates the avionics market, Europe-based Trig has carved out of niche for its value-priced avionics. It now has a full line, including navcomms and audio panels. Trig’s Jon Roper gave AVweb a summary at Aero 2023 in Friedrichshafen.


  1. I scanned their offerings. If there is a price delta from the majors it is not large. An individual would have to decide if that savings is worth going with a lesser known entity.

  2. I installed a Trig TT22 remote transponder in my plane. Great transponder and their customer service was fantastic.

  3. I’m installing a complete Garmin panel in my plane and already own the whole Apple ecosystem. Life is good.

    I have friends who turn themselves inside out to remain on “any other platform”. Sometimes the dominant play is dominant for a reason.

    That said I hope some of the upstarts and also rans make progress as competition is good. Good luck catching Garmin though.