Poll: Should The FAA Crack Down On Social Media Flying Stunts?


Crazy flying tricks came up twice in this week’s news, one involving a Red Bull stunt gone bad and a second the revocation of Trevor Jacobs’ certificate for bailing out of a Taylorcraft and claiming it was an engine failure. This week’s poll asks if you think the FAA should crack down on such things.

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  1. Of course they should! Stunts like this are what make the general public not look too kindly on GA, and we do not need anymore of that kind of negativity. I’m no fan of FAA over reach, but this is one time they should do what they do best, enforce the rules they put in place for both our safety and others.

  2. Yes. Aviation is not the novelty it was in the 1920s and 30s. It’s not frivolous. It’s no place for narcissistic “look at meeee” show offs.

  3. The FAA is one of the most ineffective government organizations. They should not overload them selves with additional duties. Stick to and improve on existing responsibilities!

    • I suggest that this clampdown would be considered an “existing responsibility”.

  4. “ Poll: Should The FAA Crack Down On Social Media Flying Stunts?”

    Such a loaded question. Define “stunt”.

    Apparently, a judge and at least a handful of commenters here on AVWEB describe inspection passes and go-arounds as “stunts”.

    Many in the non-flying community believe that just taking off in a 50 year old airplane is a “stunt”.

    So no. Simply enforce current rules and regulations(perhaps rethink that inspection pass ruling) and carry on.

  5. Did Red Bull sponsoring the two plane swap in a dive deny acknowledgment of the live stunt wasn’t FAA approved and gets away scott free? How is insurance handling this? Is the NTSB investigating? Will the two pilots be suspended or lose their license to fly? Will Red Bull be sanctioned against future flying stunts without a comprehensive safety plan approved by the FAA in USA airspace?

  6. Deliberately creating a hazard for clicks… is someone that shouldn’t be flying anything… even drones.