FAA Releases Online Courses For Drone Pilot Recurrent Training


The FAA announced on Thursday that its updated training courses for Part 107 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/drone) pilots are now live online. The free courses meet the training requirement for operations under the new Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft Over People rule, which is scheduled to go into effect on April 21, 2021. The Operations Over People rule includes provisions for Part 107 flights over people, over moving vehicles and at night.

“Drone pilots who have Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification can now take their required training courses online,” the FAA said. “Drone pilots who do not hold a current Remote Pilot Certification and want to operate under Part 107 must take the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Initial Aeronautical Knowledge Test online through an FAA-Approved Knowledge Testing Center.”

The three courses now available online include Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Initial for current Part 61 certificate holders, Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Recurrent for Part 107 pilots who are also certified and current under Part 61 and Part 107 Small UAS Recurrent Non-Part 61 Pilots for Part 107 certificate holders regardless of currency. The courses can be taken via the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) website at www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/course_catalog.aspx. The agency noted that it is expecting the course release to cause a potentially problematic increase in site traffic and is encouraging people to take the courses outside of regular business days.

Kate O'Connor
Kate O’Connor works as AVweb's Editor-in-Chief. She is a private pilot, certificated aircraft dispatcher, and graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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