Flight Design Gets New Dynon Suite »

Introduced at Sun 'n Fun 2018, Dynon's three-screen HDX avionics suite makes the 2018 Flight Design CTLSi perhaps the most equipped LSA to data. In this video, Larry Anglisano took a close look at the big-screen avionics suite in the CTLSi during a visit to Flight Design USA's headquarters in Connecticut in advance of the show. More

Precision Flight's DCX Motion Sim »

As flight simulators have become ever cheaper, they are also getting more capable. In this video shot at Sun 'n Fun, Precision Flight Controls shows off its DCX MAX series simulator. Tracy Cook gives us a 90-second rundown. More

TKM Offers A Slide-in Replacement For KX155 »

Seizing on the robust niche of replacing outdated avionics with easy-to-install replacements, TKM has finally rolled out its drop-in swap for the venerable Bendix King KX155. TKM Operations Manager Vic Casebolt told AVweb at Sun ‘n Fun its MX155 replacement unit, under development for the past three years, will be ready to ship in May. Price has not been fixed, but Casebolt cited a target of around $4,000. More

Sun 'n Fun Welcomes Honor Flight »

Sun ‘n Fun welcomed more than 100 returning World War II, Korea and Vietnam war veterans back to the warbird area last night after a whirlwind day of visiting war memorials in Washington, D.C. The Flight to Honor continues a tradition of chartering day flights to the nation’s capital so aging veterans can see the monuments erected to commemorate their service. More

C-47s Return To Normandy »

Daks Over Normandy is the planned flyover crossing the English Channel to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2019. Commencing in Oxford, Connecticut, dozens of C-47 aircraft and hundreds of paratroopers billowing through the sky in authentic Allied uniforms and World War II military-style parachutes will be the largest assembly of authentic aircraft and paratroopers since that fateful day on June 6, 1944. For this video, AVweb contributing editor Larry Anglisano talked with the D-Day Squadron's Executive Director, Moreno "Mo" Aguiari, about the event and toured one of the C-47 aircraft on display at Sun 'n Fun 2018 in Lakeland, Florida. More

WingBug: Portable Wireless ADAHRS »

At Sun 'n Fun 2018, a company called Straight and Level is showing off the WingBug, a portable, battery-operated wireless ADAHRS that plays on a tablet in the cockpit. In this AVweb video, Tim Cole reports on how the gadget works. More

Rotorvox's New EAB Gyroplane »

As Sun 'n Fun 2018, Rotorvox showed up with a two-place Rotax 914-powered German-made gyroplane that will be available in the U.S. as an owner-assisted amateur-built kit. The machine was on display and attracting plenty of attention, despite a rainy first day. In this video, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano took a close look at the machine with Rotorvox's Cobus Burger. More

Garmin's New Weather And Traffic Gear »

Garmin came to Sun 'n Fun 2018 with a new line of portable weather and traffic receivers—the GDL50 series—which replaces the first-gen GDL39 receivers. In this video from the show in Lakeland, Florida, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano took a look at them with Jessica Koss from Garmin. More

Alsim's Sophisticated Simulator »

At Sun 'n Fun 2018, the French company Alsim is showing off its latest fixed-base simulator product with visuals. In this video, AVweb's Kate O'Connor talks to Scott Firsing about the sim's capabilities. More

How Aircraft Electric Motors Work »

As important as batteries are, the brushless DC motors that power electric airplanes are just as critical. In this brief Avweb video, Siemen's Frank Anton explains how they work. More