Video: Stemme S10/12 Touring Motorglider »

Powered by a Rotax 914 turbocharged engine, the Stemme S10VT and the in-development S12 represent the latest in touring motorglider technology. With a 50:1 glide ratio, 18,000-foot service ceiling, and day and night VFR capability, the aircraft can be used for competition and long distance travel. "Aviation Consumer" magazine editor Larry Anglisano took a closer look at the aircraft at the Soaring Society of America's national convention in Greenville, South Carolina. More

How Mooney Marries Composite To Metal »

At Mooney's Kerrville, Texas, factory, the company has invested in new production techniques and equipment. In this AVweb video, the company's Kevin Hawley explains how Mooney marries the new composite shell to the traditional metal tail section. More

Flight Gear Battery Pack Trial »

The typical flight bag has a variety of gadgets that might need to be charged on the fly, but not all aircraft have USB ports up to the task. Sporty's has a solution with the Flight Gear battery pack and what's unique about it is the variety of output ports and the pack's charging capacity. To see if it's worth the $79.95 selling price, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano ordered one and prepared this field report. More

ADS-B Portables Reviewed »

We figured the ADS-B portable market would die with the 2020 mandate a little over a year away. But a crop of three new ones appeared recently and AVweb's Paul Bertorelli took them for a video spin in this in-depth review of the Stratus 3, the Sentry and Dynon's DRX. More

Flight Demo: BendixKing AeroVue »

After a long certification process, BendixKing now has an STC for retrofitting the AeroVue integrated flight deck in Beech King Air B200 models. It saves weight and adds sizable redundancy and modern capability to aging B200 aircraft. For this flight report video, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano went flying with the system with BendixKing's test pilot Dan Johnson at AirVenture 2018 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. More

Is Raising The LSA Weight Limit A Good Idea? »

Late in 2018, the FAA confirmed that it's planning to raise the 1320-pound limit on light sport aircraft. But is that really a good idea? In this video report recorded at the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase, AVweb polled a few manufacturers to find out. More

Commuter Craft Innovator Readies Kits »

For several years, a company called Commuter Craft has been showing a kit airplane called the Innovator. As the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase, the company's Richard Hogan gave AVweb an update on the project. More

Vulcanair's V1.0-Skyhawk Killer? »

The Italian company Vulcanair is touring with the V1.0, a four-place single they hope to market to the training segment. It's more than $100,000 cheaper that a Cessna Skyhawk and that might make it attractive to schools. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli takes an in-depth look at the V1.0. CORRECTION: The Skyhawk wingspan is 36 ft. 1 in., not 26 ft. 1 in. The wing loading values are transposed. More

APG's Flight Planning For Jets »

In the jet world, it's all about crunching runway performance numbers and the logical way to do it is with a capable tablet app. Aircraft Performance Group (APG) has been offering just that with its iPreflight performance app. Equipped with over 350 aircraft models and 9000 airfields, the new Genesis app goes deep into runway performance calculations, and now a new flight planning utility could make it one of the most capable programs available for jet cockpits. Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano got a demo of the app on the floor of the NBAA-BACE conference in Orlando, Florida, and prepared this video report. More

ForeFlight Demos Trip Assistant »

ForeFlight’s Angela Anderson demonstrated the company’s new Trip Assistant for AVweb at the NBAA convention this year. In addition to time in the air, the door-to-door trip planning tool can include drive times, fuel stops and prices, passenger pick-up and more. More