Crazy Fun In Waco's Biplane On Floats »

Waco Aircraft has been touring with a YMF-5 biplane on Aerocet floats and is it ever fun to fly. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli recently took a crack at the airplane with some water landings and airwork. Here's a complete video on the topic. More

SureFly's Octocopter »

Ohio-based Workhorse Group, which builds hybrid electric trucks for UPS, FedEx and others, thinks it's time to rethink the design characteristics of the traditional helicopter. The first stab at it is the SureFly VTOL aircraft. It attracted huge attention at the Innovations Center at AirVenture Oshkosh this past summer. Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano took a close look and prepared this product video. More

AirText Cockpit Texting System »

Texting is the preferred method of communication for many so David Gray decided to bring it to the cockpit with a low-cost satellite system that uses the Iridium constellation that will offer worldwide coverage. It's called AirText. More

Garmin Weather Receiver Flight Trial »

The market may be flooded with ADS-B weather receivers, but the market is also seeing a new generation of subscription-based portable SiriusXM weather receivers. The latest one comes from Garmin—the GDL51—which finally completes the weather interface on the company's aera660 portable GPS, plus it works with the Garmin Pilot tablet app. In this video, Aviation Consumer magazine Editor Larry Anglisano takes a close look at the new receiver on the bench and in the air. More

RARE Aircraft Shows Vintage Restorations at NBAA »

You don't expect to see Stinsons and WACOs at an NBAA-BACE, but they were there last week in Las Vegas. In this AVweb video, Ben Redman of RARE tells us why the biz jet crowd is a target-rich environment for selling restored vintage aircraft. More

Garmin Shows Off New TXi Displays »

Garmin is finally out with its long-rumored TXi displays to replace the G500/G600 products. At NBAA-BACE at Last Vegas, Paul Bertorelli got a look at the new displays and shot this video report. The TXi line offers much more flexibility than any other display system on the market. More

Tamarack's Active Winglets For Larger Aircraft »

Winglets improve aircraft efficiency by shaping wingtip vortices and reducing drag. But what really improves efficiency is added wingspan. Tamarack Aerospace offers both in its patented active winglet technology. And now they're migrating it from business jets to airliners. AVweb prepared this video report at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas. More

How GE Plans To Laser Print Turboprop Engines »

Two years ago, GE's Business and General Aviation group announced a clean-sheet engine called the Advanced Turboprop or ATP. The engine will run later this year and GE is already building the manufacturing technology. In this AVweb video shot at NBAA-BACE 2017, GE's Paul Corkery explains how many of the engine's major components will be laser printed, potentially radically resetting manufacturing economics. More

APS Shows Upset Trainer At NBAA »

APS is well known for teaching bizjet pilots how to recover from and survive an unexpected flight upset. At NBAA-BACE 2017 in Las Vegas, the company is showing off its cool SIAI-Marchetti S.211 two-seat jet that's used in this training. Randall Brooks of APS gave AVweb a tour. More

Bombardier's Impressive Global 7000 Cabin »

At NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas, Bombardier is showing off the interior of the new supersize Global 7000 business jet. The company's Mark Masluch gave AVweb a cabin tour and it revealed that Bombardier has outdone themselves with the interior appointments. More