Boeing Moves Global Headquarters To Arlington


Boeing announced on Thursday that it is moving its global headquarters from Chicago, Illinois, to Arlington, Virginia. The company says it plans to maintain a significant presence in Chicago, but also noted that less office space would be required at the site owing to “flexible and virtual solutions” implemented over the past two years. Boeing’s three business units will continue to be based at their current headquarters with Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle, Washington; Boeing Global Services in Plano, Texas; and Boeing Defense, Space and Security in Arlington.

“We are excited to build on our foundation here in Northern Virginia,” said Boeing President and CEO David Calhoun. “The region makes strategic sense for our global headquarters given its proximity to our customers and stakeholders, and its access to world-class engineering and technical talent. We greatly appreciate our continuing relationships in Chicago and throughout Illinois. We look forward to maintaining a strong presence in the city and the state.”

Along with moving to the new headquarters, Boeing also announced plans to develop a research and technology hub in Northern Virginia to “harness and attract engineering and technical capabilities.” According to the company, development at the new hub will focus on cyber security, autonomous operations, quantum sciences and software and systems engineering. Boeing’s Arlington office specializes in advanced airplane development and autonomous systems.

Kate O'Connor
Kate O’Connor works as AVweb's Editor-in-Chief. She is a private pilot, certificated aircraft dispatcher, and graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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  1. Chicago was chosen originally because it was supposed to be approximately equidistant to Seattle, TX, and DC. Now they’ll be on the other side of the country from their biggest money maker, commercial airplanes, and very close to the smarmy politicians. The only up side is that maybe they’ll be far enough away from Seattle to not stick their noses in where the bean counters don’t belong!

    • They seemed to like like the IL politicians when they were given large tax “incentives” to move from Seattle. New hungrier politicians and even greater tax incentives in Arlington I guess.

    • What taxes? You must be a Republican: “We’ve got ours, therefore you don’t get a break.” Everyone pays 16% and all income is taxable as regular, normal income. No loopholes, favoritism for the wealthy or tax breaks. A fair (as opposed to “fare”) and level playing field. What a concept ! Akin to popular votes (as in “One Person, One Vote) deciding Presidential Elections ! Check out the past Eight Elections for President (focusing on the total vote counts for each candidate).

  2. Hey Boeing HQ, if you’re going to move in with one of your kids, it really should be the one back in Seattle where you came from. The only thing that made sense about moving to Chicago in the first place was that it was neutral ground.

    Why would the corporate headquarters need to move to a location that has “access to world-class engineering and technical talent”? Didn’t you have exactly that before you left Seattle?

  3. They’re not just moving in with one of their kids, they want the bedroom with their banker and lawyer.

  4. Sounds like a move to get in on some of those military contracts to me. What is also located in Arlington? The Pentagon and all those Pentagon politicians.

  5. They moved to Chicago because the leadership saw their need to be close to a financial center. They recognize the mistake and now want to be closer to the Pentagon. Boeing used to be an engineering company, but now it’s a financial one.

  6. “They moved to Chicago because the leadership saw their need to be close to a financial center. They recognize the mistake and now want to be closer to the Pentagon.”

    Right move–but Chicago isn’t the financial center–but Washington IS!

  7. Reading the headline, my mind lept to Arlington WA, just up the road from Boeing’s Everett plant, and up the freeway from Renton plant. A good place to be, already has an airport and light industrial park across the road. :-o)

    People should keep in mind that military devices are a huge part of Boeing’s business.

    Boeing has space interests too, perhaps in Alabama and formerly in California.