Chinese Fighter Chaffs Australian P-8


China has responded with threats of “serious consequences” for continued “aggression” after Australia complained that a Chinese fighter released chaff in the path of a P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft in May. The Australians say the Poseidon’s engines ingested some of the aluminum fragments but it landed safely. It was reportedly out of service for about a week. The Aussies say the chaff release came after a J-16 fighter released flares while flying beside the converted Boeing 737. It accelerated and flew across the path of the Boeing and released the chaff. The incident came a few days after a Canadian surveillance aircraft was buzzed by Chinese fighters off North Korea.

Canadian officials said the CP-140 Aurora, which is similar to a P-3 Orion, was conducting a sanctions enforcement flight as part of a NATO operation when the crew had to take evasive action to avoid getting too close to the fighter. Canada has complained to China and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called out the incident in a news conference. “China’s actions are irresponsible and provocative and we will continue to register strongly that they are putting people at risk while at the same time not respecting decisions by the U.N.,” Trudeau said.

Meanwhile the Chinese say they were just protecting their turf, turf they’ve claimed in recent years in the South China Sea. “China will never allow any country to violate China’s sovereignty and security in the name of freedom of navigation, and endanger peace and stability in the South China Sea,” the Chinese said in a statement.

Russ Niles
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  1. Lots of bluff from a paper tiger. Communist China and North Korea have immense internal problems and need to do a Falklands to keep their oppressed citizens in check. They should study history – that did not go well for the thugs ruling Argentina in 1982. No need to provoke, their corrupt government will continue to rot from within. Note the dramatic growth in the underground Christian church there, the ultimate savior of the country. Christians answer to God, not to tyrants in China or elsewhere.

    • Which isn’t necessarily rational – read history of The Crusades.

      Certainly oppression of beliefs other than current Chinese version of Communism, following Mao’s killings.

      Doubt it’s just a Falklands type tactic, may be testing regarding Taiwan.

  2. An obvious attempt by the chicoms to cause an engine failure. I see no difference between this and firing ordinance.

    • Since our government cannot do the basics well anymore, the navy may need to use a Libyan level response. A shame because a capable CIA could likely ground their fighters using the supply chain or some other trickery. A mission oriented State Department could likely arrange for international pressure. Instead our government vacillates between two sets of nutters all determined to manage our lives for us.

  3. Well, we can just get them back when they aggressively fly their military aircraft just outside of our airspace… What do you mean that never happens?