Embraer To Hire 1,000 New Employees


Embraer announced on Thursday that it is looking for around 1,000 new employees to fill positions at its facilities in Brazil. According to the company, the newly opened jobs will support its recovering production rate, services and support growth, product development and new businesses. Embraer noted that it has openings in areas including operations, engineering and administration.

“These hires materialize the strategic plan that includes the resumption of aviation growth and all investment in technology, innovation and new businesses at Embraer,” said Carlos Alberto Griner, Embraer vice-president for people, ESG and communication. “We are very excited about the market prospects that generate career opportunities in several areas of the company.”

Citing estimates that the volume of aircraft delivered this year will increase between 15 and 25 percent compared to 2021, Embraer says it is expecting company growth and post-COVID recovery to continue for several years. Hiring plans include more permanently remote positions and hybrid work models aimed at supporting “a more flexible environment, which matches employees’ interest while strengthening the culture of innovation and knowledge generation.” Embraer reported that it employed approximately 18,000 people as of the end of 2021.

Kate O'Connor
Kate O’Connor works as AVweb's Editor-in-Chief. She is a private pilot, certificated aircraft dispatcher, and graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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