Ground Crew Disables “Possessed” Catering Cart At ORD


Of all the dangers associated with air travel and, in particular, for those servicing aircraft at a busy airport like Chicago O’Hare, a catering cart with a jammed accelerator probably isn’t at the top of the list. But it happened to an American Airlines crew there on Monday. What at first appears entirely comical could have turned ugly for the ERJ waiting at the gate but for the quick actions of the ground crew—one of whom grabbed a tug and disabled the cart in spectacular fashion.

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  1. Nice work! Way to protect your co-workers, company, and passengers. Hello, Doug Parker, this guy needs to be rewarded. If he had sat back and watched, AA would be dealing with a disabled aircraft, and some inconvenienced passengers right now. Peanuts compared to the cost of the spilled peanuts. (Sadly, I doubt this guy will even get a thank you from the company.)

    • Indeed, that work person saved AA tens of hundreds of dollars of potential repairs. Notice how darn close it came to hitting the aircraft?

      AA could publicly recommend that person and give her or him a raise, at the very a bonus.