Flight Design F2 Earns SLSA Certificate


The first production Flight Design F2-LSA in the U.S. has been issued a special light-sport aircraft (SLSA) certificate of airworthiness by the FAA. The company plans to display the aircraft later this month at AirVenture 2021 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, before delivering it to a Milwaukee-based customer. Flight Design unveiled the two-seat F2, along with plans for a four-seat version called the F4, at Aero Friedrichshafen in 2019.

“This is an important day for our company, our customers and our dealers” said Flight Design USA President Tom Peghiny. “The F Series is a big step up for Flight Design and this just the first of many F2 series airplanes that will come to the USA.”

Powered by the Rotax 912iS engine and equipped with dual Garmin G3X Touch flight displays, the F2 features a BRS whole-airframe parachute, panel-mounted AMSAFE airbags and 110-pound baggage capacity. Base price for the F2 SLSA is $199,722. Flight Design has also designed a certified version of the aircraft, which is currently being reviewed by EASA.

Kate O'Connor
Kate O’Connor works as AVweb's Editor-in-Chief. She is a private pilot, certificated aircraft dispatcher, and graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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  1. Thanks April.

    Not familiar with RTFA but in the grand scheme of insane airplane prices 200K ‘not bad’.

    I would wonder about factory support, parts, and service down the road though.