ForeFlight App Offers 3D Approach Preview


Visualizing instrument approaches just got a little easier with the latest ForeFlight app, which offers a video-style 3D preview of charted approaches. Available in the Performance Plus subscription level, the 3D approach does a virtual walk-through of any approach in the database. 

According to ForeFlight, “3D Preview also features an interactive navlog located in the top right (at the bottom of the screen on iPhone), allowing you to view each waypoint and the distances between them. Scroll through the navlog or tap any waypoint to immediately jump to that leg of the flight.”

ForeFlight has also updated the app with new, higher-resolution base maps. “The High Resolution Basemap includes mountain pass icons for the United States and Europe which are oriented based on their direction and also indicate the pass name and elevation in feet,” according to the company. There’s also a new quick-access feature to find radio frequencies associated with various airspace sections. 

The base plan runs $99.99 a year and now includes a logbook and weight-and-balance calculator; the ProPlus is $199.95 a year and adds synthetic vision, geo-referenced approach plates and additional weather features. The Performance Plus, which includes the new 3D approach preview, runs $299.95 a year. Jeppesen IFR charts are available as an option. 

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