Short Final: Hostile Target


I was ferrying my new-to-me warbird home to Texas and bubbling over with new plane pride.

Memphis Center: “Focke-Wulf 1234 Traffic at 3 o’clock, 2 mile 6000 feet.”

Me (in my best command baritone): “ Tally-Ho! Focke-Wulf 1234 TARGET IDENTIFIED.”

Then in my normal Sunday morning voice: “I mean, N-1234 has traffic in sight.”

Double click on frequency.

30 seconds later…

Mustang NP51C: “Memphis Center, Mustang NP51C checking in at angels 11 need intercept to your hostile target.”

Memphis Center: “Mustang 51C bogie is westbound at angels 8, your intercept vector 280, 75 miles.”

Wait, Westbound at 8000. Scheiße! That’s me!

Mustang NP51C: “Memphis Center, Mustang 51C, Bogie is outside my operations area.”

Memphis Center: “Mustang 51C acknowledged. Continue fighter sweep in your assigned patrol area.”

Multiple double clicks on frequency.

Brad Marzari

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