Senior Charged With Taildragger Theft


A 64-year-old man is facing numerous charges after he allegedly tried to steal a Cessna 140 from Rockcliffe Airport in Ottawa, Ontario. Police have not identified the man or said whether he had any flight experience when he allegedly tried to take the taildragger off, possibly from the ramp, of the GA airport just east of the downtown area of Canada’s capital city.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Police said the aircraft “gained minimal air and then crashed, striking two parked planes in the process.” The 140 ended up in an unmaintained area of the airport and had serious damage. The condition of the other two planes wasn’t clear. The man was arrested and treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

He appeared in court on Friday charged with theft of goods valued at more than $5,000, dangerous operation of a conveyance and operation while prohibited. The last charge doesn’t necessarily suggest the man had a suspended or revoked pilot license. In Canada, operation of any type of vehicle while impaired can result in a ban on all types of vehicles.

Russ Niles
Russ Niles is Editor-in-Chief of AVweb. He has been a pilot for 30 years and joined AVweb 22 years ago. He and his wife Marni live in southern British Columbia where they also operate a small winery.

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  1. Was the perp barefoot? Did he have MS Flight sim on his laptop, cell phone, or home computer? Was he related to, inspired by, or competing with that prolific juvy delinquent who stole, then crashed at least four known stolen aircraft?