Show Off Your Classic Airplane!


Do you have a piece of aviation history tucked in your hangar? Are you flying a show-stopping vintage restoration project? Share them!

During the month of April, AVweb will be showcasing the finest and most interesting classic airplanes we can find. If you have one you think might fit the bill, send a picture along with a little bit of history behind the aircraft and your experiences with it to [email protected].

Also, let us know if you’ll be bringing it to Sun ‘N Fun so we can swing by!

Submissions will be accepted through April 15, 2022.

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  1. Showing off a flyable aircraft is one thing. Showing off a hangar queen is quite the opposite. Those have a different place. It’s called a museum. I fly a weathered and battered 1978 Cessna 182 RG. I have flown it cross country many times. My main jaunt has been from Illinois to Colorado and back. I would rather be at the controls of this and actually flying it, than to be looking at a pristine airplane sitting in a hangar, and afraid to use it for what it was designed for.