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Team Tackles Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

It’s about time. The other countries particularly France have led the way to open, true scientific approach to this subject. There is an excellent book by an author named Keane.

If you look at this from the scientific method: the only conclusions thus far are that there are over 700 encounters of aerial objects that can’t be explained away. They fly at speeds and g forces that are not consistent with man-made objects. There is no proof whatsoever that these objects are from another planet universe etc. or that they are manned.

Again, taking a scientific approach there are no further conclusions. What is evident is that the eyewitness accounts are consistent and span a wide range of people in multiple countries. Including military pilots ATC etc.

Unfortunately, this topic is mired with a lot of hooey as well and conspiracy theories too. But if we keep the noise out as much as we can, and focus on a scientific approach, it should be enough to keep an open mind in the subject.


At least the research might suggest the frequency, qualities, intensities, seasons, and specific geographic and altitude locations. Hopefully, a pattern will appear to provide some answers for further investigation, or even whether further investigation is needed.

Rick K.

A neighbor and I were standing out on my rural driveway BS’sing when we both noticed a round orb, silver colored, that seemed to be getting closer while making no noise. In a couple minutes it got closer and closer, while we tried to get some perspective on how big it was. Right before it touched down everything clicked into place, visually. It was a mylar party balloon, that’s all, what was interesting was how we both, for a few brief seconds, started feeling a bit creeped out by this “UFO,” a bit of “this can’t be happening.”

Tom S.

It was a long time ago when driving our 4-holer in the North of Pakistan, about to start the Himalayan crossing. As usual, there was quite a lot of CB activity. Far to my right, of course in a flash, I saw a CB which I at that time described to myself as one of having two large lighted “horns”, going upward to an enormous height. Scary sight. For years I put that away in my memory as having it not seen correctly.

It was many years later that during the Space shuttle flights they started witnessing those upward going bolts. An example can be found here:

There is another light thing I still haven’t been able to explain, seen only twice in my life, but it always was in a charged atmosphere. I can’t even start to describe it.

I am the type of guy that only will believe in alien life, once I can shake hands with and say hello to it, her, him or whatever.

Richard B.

Is This The Right Runway?

June 1970: A young, solo student pilot in a Cessna 150 doing touch-n-goes at TUL on a dark, low-traffic night on 17R became distracted when tower cautioned about commercial jet traffic on parallel runway (17L), mistakenly lined up on the 17R taxiway, and executed the touch-n-go. The forgiving tower controller simply said, “that was real pretty, but use the part between the white lights next time”. Cause: low time, inexperience with that field, dark night, distraction, target-fixation. To err is human, to really screw up takes a pilot.

James C.

Interesting article. Although I might add, is this the ACTIVE runway. Years ago I was attempting to land at a non towered airport. Was listening in on the CTAF at least 40 miles out to get a picture of the runway in use. This was also during a fly in. So it was quite busy. As I was on final, a king air driver said he was on final to the opposite end of my runway! I quickly informed him of which active was in use. I don’t know what or even if he was thinking, but landing with a tailwind wasn’t what I was ever instructed to do…


Poll: Do You Think This Week’s Video Of A Russian Drone Knocked Down Really Means Drone On Drone Warfare Has Begun?

  • Although aircraft such as Reaper and Predator are well known capabilities, small unmanned autonomous aircraft will inevitably be employed/deployed with scaled down weapons platform.
  • I’m sure it began a while ago. The video is only the first widely popularized view of it.
  • No. This was just a mid-air collision.
  • Yes, and the next step is drone terrorism.
  • It began sometime in the past.
  • Not until they start shooting each other down.
  • Inevitable.
  • Hype.
  • The fact that this is the first time the Internet has seen it doesn’t guarantee it hasn’t happened before.
  • No, this was hardly a battle. Two drones colliding just isn’t very interesting to me.
  • We’ve had Battle Bots for a long time.

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  1. There is no proof whatsoever that these objects are from another planet universe etc, really? These objects move THROUGH matter with out affecting it, no sonic booms, no splash going into our out of the water. These alone are beyond out current understanding of physics. The can NOT be of earth origin.