Short Final: Heading Home


Controllers at New York TRACON are known for being all business and taking no prisoners. Likewise, “unable, remain on the airway,” is the typical reply to a request for a shortcut. I was about 80 miles from my destination, on the preferred routing, which involves a couple of victor routes and passage through two more approach facilities (Bradley and Providence) before I would arrive at my destination.

Me: “Good morning New York, Angel Flight 1818.”

New York Departure: “Angel Flight 1818. White Plains Altimeter 3003. Where you goin’ today?”

Me: “New Bedford. How ‘bout you?”

New York Departure: “I’m hoping to go home. Cleared Direct New Bedford.”

Saved me about 20 miles. I guess it pays to be polite on the radio.

Richard Jacobs

Dartmouth, MA

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  1. As you were on an Angel Flight – I guess you had to stick with IFR – but one way to deal with NY trips to the Great Lakes and back when trying to fly East/West when low enough AND when the visibility is good is to try:

    “How about I cancel VFR, Descend (Climb) 500 and request Flight Following?”

    • I used to dream of flying over the Class B until over Intercontinental on the way to Hobby to avoid the inevitable tree top diversion into the humid Houston summer chop. I wonder what would result if I called approach and requested direct to Hobby. I suspected they’d send me back out for 30 minutes to put me through their usual torture test.

      • I did that in Dallas a few years ago. Flying West to East into a suburban airport under the eastern edge of the class bravo. Waited until I was exactly over Love Field and 500 above the airspace. Then called and asked for a bravo clearance for the descent. They gave it to me. Had about four traffic point-outs on the way down. I spotted them all, and ATC thanked me upon exiting the bottom of the cake’s outer layer.

        I don’t know if it would always work, but it worked that day.