Short Final: Nav Problems


On a recent trip from Illinois to Arkansas, we overheard the following exchange:

Razorback Approach: “Cessna Two Three Tango, Razorback Approach. Have you changed your destination from Houston, Texas?”

Cessna 23T: “Razorback Approach, Cessna Two Three Tango. That’s a negative. Destination is still Houston.”

Approach (chuckling): “Well Cessna Two Three Tango, on your current heading you are not going to even hit the state of Texas.”

Cessna 23T: “Approach, Cessna Two Three Tango … we are experiencing … Nav problems.”

Approach: “Cessna Two Three Tango, we assumed that, too … turn right heading 179 direct Houston.”

Stephen Kunce
Murphysboro, IL

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  1. I enjoy these funny conversations in the midst flying. Kudos to ATC on their humor to corral the wayward pilot.