Short Final: Other Right


Flying into the Class D Purdue University Airport (home of the Purdue Boilermakers), I heard tower say, “N1234 enter right downwind for Runway 28.”

A few minutes later the tower said, “N1234, I know you’re from Bloomington (home of Indiana Hoosiers), but it’s your other right.”

Apparently the plane had turned left.

Then someone else came on frequency saying, “No wonder they can’t play basketball anymore….”

Matt Balla
Bloomington, Indiana

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  1. Funny. This reminds me of my 1971 Army Basic Training at Fort Campbell where some of the trainees would step out on their right foot instead of the left and the Drill Sergeant would yell “Your OTHER left.” 😊

  2. As a Purdue Professional Pilot alum, this is cute. Here’s another version of the IU/PU rivalry. One night, as a captain for TWA, I was flying from STL to PHL. We just leveled off at FL350 over IND on a crystal clear night. I got on the PA and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have just leveled off over Indianapolis. Passengers on the left can see the lights of a world class scientific and engineering university; Purdue. On the right , folks can see the lights of Bloomington, home to the local arts and crafts high school, Indiana University. And shortly on the left again you will see the lights of South Bend. Home of a semi-famous sports camp, Notre Dame.” My FO turned to me and said, “You’re gonna hear about that one.” Never heard a word from Mgmt.

    • That’s because the folks in the back just got the Charlie Brown wahh-wahh-wahh from their PA speakers.