Short Final: Ready For A Push


My brother‑in‑law told me of an incident at a Class C airport where he parked for a day or so. Upon returning to his aircraft to leave, he did not know exactly what to say to Ground control when he wanted to taxi. After receiving his clearance he listened to the frequency for a little while. He heard several commercial airliners stating they were ready for a push and so he figured he would contact ground control and state the same.

Piper 1234: “Ground, Piper 1234.”

Ground: “Piper 1234, Ground, go ahead.”

Piper 1234: “Ground, Piper 1234. We’re on the ramp at the FBO and ready for push.”

Ground: “Piper 1234. You are indeed a Piper Cherokee?”

Piper 1234: “Ground, Piper 1234, correct.”

Ground: “Piper 1234 you’re ready for a taxi not a push.”

And then they gave him directions to taxi.

Bill Whiteford
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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